Hey guys! Today I'm here with a video made with lots of love. Last week was the second anniversary of this blog and I wanted to share with you how I feel, so I made a little video for you to know what you mean to me and this blog. I just can say thank you so much, I'm here for you. The video's in spanish but here I let you a little summary. Hope you like it! I love ya!

PS: Special thanks to my sister for helping me getting this special video.

"26th October 2014. I started this adventure called blog. Ana, my friend or pri as I called her, was the leader of starting this adventure. It started as a way to share my music skills, my songs. Later, I discovered this blog world and I loved it. I remember the begginning, it was a chaos. How to take a perfect selfie, how to take pictures to sunsets… I can’t stop laughing when I think about it, but I like remembering it. 
Step by step, my blog looked like a bit more professional and the content was more specific (music, photography, fashion & lifestyle). It helped me so much to discover what I really like, to learn html and some stuff I knew nothing about.
I shared lot of moments with you: my promotion, my birthdays, new covers, my own songs, projects… People from around the world has visited isluciaferrero. Countries like USA, Russia, Germany, France, Italy, Ukraine, Poland, Ireland, Portugal, China, Mexico, UK, Perú… and of course Spain. 
This blog means a lot. It’s a period of my life. It’s like a diary where I write twice a week. I spent much time writing posts, taking pictures, filming videos… When I think about what happened last month (I lost all the pictures) I find everything I did was for nothing. But it isn’t. If I’m here is because of this blog. It reveals me my passion: communicate. Communicate with words, pictures, music of fashion. So these years have been worth it. I’m going to keep posting and learning, I want people from other countries to read my blog. Photos are not available, but the emotions are still here. Not with pictures, but words. Words flies at least you wrote them, and I wrote every single paragraph of this adventure. 

I needed to write this to you and to me. Sometimes I don’t remember the reason why I do this, but I’ve realized I need it. I do it because I like it and never, anything and anyone should stop you doing what you really like. Never, anything and anyone”. 

¡Hola a todxs! Hoy os traigo un vídeo hecho con mucho amor. La semana pasada fue el segundo aniversario del blog y quería compartir con vosotrxs cómo me siento. Así que he hecho un pequeño vídeo contándooslo. Sólo puedo deciros muchas gracias, porque estoy aquí por vosotrxs. ¡Espero que os guste! Luuuuuuv!

PD: Sobre todo agradecer a mi hermana su ayuda para conseguir este vídeo tan especial.


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