I wrote you so many  times from the heart, but today it's different. After an obvious absence on here I need you to explain why I decided to pause all this stuff. When I started this blog I was so excited to show me in a different way and people can get to know me. It all started almost three years ago and in spite of the bad time I started, 2nd grade of High School, I could manage and post twice a week. Even last year, despite the beginning of university. This year, as I told you a few times, has been incredible busy, but of course this is not the main reason why I'm not here, because I think that if I wanted, I could be here as normal. Maybe want is not the right verb to express this, because I want to, but it's kinda impossible. I had help before and of course Ana was my main help. When she left I thought I could do everything on my own, but truth is that it's not that easy. Handle two instagram accounts, two youtube channels and this blog is not that easy. But in a way, I did it.

You know what's the worse? This is something that you can't do alone and every time I needed pictures or videos I'd have to ask people for help, because I had no one who helped me for the love of art. I've never liked to ask people for things, because I always prefer to do them on my own, but believe me that this things are bigger than my possibilities. It affected to my mood and I did all because every sunday had to be a new video, I didn't enjoyed it as when it started. I remember when I deleted accidentally all the pictures and maybe I feel a bit unmotivated because all the work I'm proud disappeared. 
I have to reconsider what I want to do, how I can do it on my own without depending on anyone and enjoying it. I'm sad because I really liked to do all this stuff, but I think it's necessary. 
I promised you so many times that I would be back and I feel so terrible about saying things I cannot achieve. I always tell you that I've never imagined that people from around the world get to know me and for me this is the best prize. 
I hope this is a pause and not a stop, because I want to carry on with this blog and everything it means to me. I leave youtube, this blog and my Instagram will be more personal. Anyway, you'll be able to see my pictures and my life because you're with no doubt a part of it. 
Believe when I say I love you.
I'll be always yours, 

P.S: I promised on youtube that I will do a giveaway to my virtual family, so it will be published 4th April on my instagram account, it was made with lot of love and I hope the winners appreciate it.

P.S.2: I let you some moments I shared with you during isluciaferrero.

First shot taken by Ana
With her everything started
My first post on

Writing something to publish

First giveaway I did
Thanks to youtube, I was able to live one of my dreams since I was little: Recording a song in a studio

When we filmed In Contrast To The World video

When I got my first tattoo


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