Top 10 Eurovision (2017)

I love music, I love traveling and Eurovision is the perfect mix of these hobbies. Many countries of Europe chose a song to compite with other countries. Apart from being a song contest, for eurofans it is an opportunity to meet new singers from other countries and a chance to meet the music culture of each country. As Eurofan, I always study all the candidatures and choosing was difficult, but I finally bring you my Top 10. These aren't my favorite songs literally, I kept in mind the rhythm of the song, the lyrics, the voice of the artists and the staging. Eurovision isn't all about the song, there are many factors that count, besides politics. Here are my stake.
Jamala, last winner of the Eurovision Song Contest // Source: Euromaidan Press.
10. Bulgaria
This year Bulgaria bets on a slow song and a simple performance. It is so good and the lyrics are beautiful, not a beautiful mess like it says. The singer has a great voice and a appearance.

9. France
France last year betted on J'ai cherché, an english-french song. The result was so good that this year they feature a similar song with Alma. It is too catchy! Alma has a beautiful voice, but the performance is pretty simple.

8. Cyprus
I remember some years ago, Cyprus betted on Ivi Adamou with La-La-Love for Eurovision Song Contest and it was one of my favs! This year, Cyprus has a good song: catchy, emotional and active. The voice of the artist isn't bad and the performance is amazing!

7. Italy
This is one of my favorite songs! Italy this year is energy, optimism, fun and originality. Occidentali's Karma is a very catchy song and though Francesco Gabbani voice quality isn't the best, it has a good texture. The performance is simple, but original and despite it's on 8th position on this Top 10, I hope it wins. 

6. Croatia
The song of Croatia is very original. It reminds me to a Disney movie soundtrack and it's very sentimental, but this isn't the best of Croatia, but the singer: he's amazing, I would say the best singer of this year. If you listen to this song without watching the video, you'll think two different people are singing and actually it's just one! The staging is simple, but this song doesn't need anything else.

5. Portugal
Here is another song that reminds me to a movie soundtrack, specially to Cinderella. Portugal wasn't in the contest last year and this year doesn't disappoint. It's one of my favorite because of the song, it is one of the most beautiful, not to say the most. Salvador's voice isn't amazing but it has something that moves and gives you goosebumps from the first chord. The performance is very very very simple but it's perfect!

4. Australia
Last year Australia was one of my bets to win the contest and it was close to do it! This year has a good candidature with Isaiah and Don't come easy. The song is one of the best, keeping in mind rhythm and lyrics. The singer has a very good voice and has a good appearance. The staging is pretty simple and I would like it to be a bit cooler. 

3. Israel
This is one of the most catching songs this year. Israel bets on Imri and his I feel alive to make Europe dance and jump. The lyrics, the voice and the performance are pretty good! Israel is, with no doubt, a possible winner!

2. United Kingdom
We almost arrive to the 1st position and it means that every time is more complicated to decide who will be the winner. I think United Kingdom this year has a very good candidature with Lucy and Never give up on you. The strength is simplicity. They have a beautiful song, an amazing singer and an incredible staging. All the ingredients to win the contest!

1. Denmark
This year Denmark is my fair winner. Slow but catchy song, an excellent voice and unbeatable staging. Anja has a incredible voice that fulls the whole stadium

This is my top 10, but as I said at the beginning, I kept in mind many elements to decide, if I would have to choose just for the song, my winners would be Italy, Denmark or Israel and I would include on my top 10 Moldavia. Anyway the final is tonight and we'll see who wins. By the way, I created a Spotify Playlist with this top 10, if you want to get ready!

About the Spanish candidature I think is a very simple song, very monotonic and the lyrics are very repetitive. Anyway, I think Manel Navarro is a good singer and with another song he would have more chances to win! I have more fav songs but some of them, like Switzerland, was eliminated.

Anyway this night is about forgetting the differences among countries to enjoy something that joins us: music.

Music and luv, 


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